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Override Salary for Paychecks
Watch how Override Salary feature allows pay heads to be set employee wise for a pay period.
Settlements and Revisions
Watch this video on how the wage settlement challenges in the plantation sector can be overcome.
Configure Rules to Payroll Items
Watch how rules to payroll items can be simply configured without depending on developers.
Labor Wage and Harvest Incentive Calculations
Watch this video on how easily wages and incentives can be calculated for varied crops for any time period.
Capture Seasonal Labor during Harvesting
Watch how seasonal labor wages are captured and settled at the end of the day during harvesting.
Manage Complex Organization Business Structure
Watch this video on how easily organization business structure can be configured and managed, be it multi-crops, subsidiaries, business units, languages or currencies.
3Ms of Activity Based Budgeting
Watch this video on how real-time integrated custom worksheets with rich functionality would help to, budget all activities.
Improving Crop Yields using Fertilizer Programme
Watch how to determine the most efficient and effective fertilizer programme field-wise & yield-wise that meets the nutrient requirements.
Compare and evaluate different "What-if" scenarios
Watch how What-if wizard provides number of scenarios from which, the best/most optimum scenario can be chosen by comparing the result Indicators that influence budget and effect business outcome.
Improve forecast accuracy with projections & planning
Watch this video to know on how crop harvest performance can be predicted more accurate using quantitative techniques & statistical tools.
Organize and manage the budgeting and planning processes
Watch how Master Budget provides a set of guidelines, norms & framework to set up activities and programmes.
PanAgro - Geographic Information System
Watch how PanAgro's business integration GIS tool integrates with Open Maps, providing a range of dynamic and statistical data, heat maps and generating varied charts against a set of KPIs.
PanAgro - A Cloud Based Plantation ERP
Watch this video introducing PanAgro in its simple and lucid way.

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