PanAgro a Plantation ERP software

Agri Business Software Integrated Business Processes

Integrated Business Processes

Align technology with your business strategy.

PanAgro covers key processes supported by modern ERP systems. It improves operational efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of core business activities through industry best practices.


Designed to help you function with ease.

PanAgro workflow defines a sequence of activities that can be automatically or manually assigned to a user or set of users that will help complete a task.

agriculture software workflow
plantation erp data access


Access data anywhere

Make quicker and smarter decisions on the go.

PanAgro allows real time data access through mobile devices and tablets to determine productivity, monitor sales, track field attendance, analyze financial data, and measure employee performance.

Integrates with hand-held devices

Tracks and captures Field details for labor attendance, crop harvest and material consumption.

agriculture erp device integrationagriculture erp device integrationagriculture erp device integration
agri erp business analytics

Business Analytics

Business insight to make the right decision.

PanAgro's Business intelligence Suite empowers business users to quickly generate reports with options to define various report templates. Rich interfaces in multiple dashboard formats help users at different levels in the enterprise create reports that suit their specific needs.

Geographic Information System

Business Intelligence Tool.

PanAgro GIS provides real time information to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity. Heat Maps help stakeholders to understand, analyze and visualize production areas to manage fields more efficiently.

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Featured Modules

The complete plantation management solution.

PanAgro offers unique functionalities and clear visibility into areas related to estate activities. They include post-harvest processing and storage, material management, marketing and distribution. PanAgro also supports finance and accounting, HR and payroll, logistics, budget and MIS.

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